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What I am Watching

Currently chasing/watching these dramas.

  • Bubblegum – Korean drama ep 14/16 – it is kind of on hold now, because I feel like episode 14 could already be the ending. Will try my hardest to finish the last two episodes. 
  • Cheese in The Trap – Korean drama ep 2/16 – So far so good. Since I already read the webtoon, I will be expecting events and happenings. But who knows how the writers wrote the script. 


Recently finished…

  • Whirlwind girl  – Chinese drama (or is it Taiwan?) – So confused by the ending, I was trying to find other sources of the last episode, cause I couldn’t believe it ended so abruptly. Apparently everybody knew that there were a season 2, but me. But still…..such an odd way to end a season. but hell, that Yang Yang actor, such a cute smile. 
  • Missing Noir M – Korean drama – A Crime drama. A new Team is created within the police force to solve missing people cases. Liked it, would recommend it if you are into crime dramas. Sounds like a season 2 is coming up. 
  • D-Day – Korean drama – Natural Disaster drama, hot guys ;) but overall a good drama. 
  • Lady & Liar – Chinese drama – OK, I wouldn’t say I recently finished this one, I finished this maybe during summer. I liked it, cause I like the actor, Hawick Lau. Story wise, it’s pretty close to Cruel Romance with Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen. 


Recently dropped…

  • Moon River – Chinese drama – main heroines clothes…real bad. Story is also so-so. Acting was also…very plain and So-So. 
  • Destined to Love You – Chinese drama – I haven’t really dropped this yet…It’s more “on hold”.
  • Cruel Romance – Chinese drama – I thought I was going to finished this….just not there yet. 


Recommended dramas:

  • Bad Guys – Korean Drama
  • Dr. Frost – Korean Drama
  • Kill me Heal me – Korean Drama, probably my favourite drama of the year, 2015.
  • The Master’s Sun – Korean Drama
  • D-Day – Korean Drama
  • Rich Man, Poor Woman -Japanese drama, still shipping this couple :P

Old Time favs:

  • Autumn Concerto – Taiwan Drama
  • Fated to Love you – Taiwan Drama
  • You’re Beautiful – Korean drama
  • City Hunter – Korean drama


last updated: 2016-01-05 18.39



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