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非常完美 – Fei Chan Wan Mei – Chinese dating show

I want to take a moment to talk about a Chinese dating TV show, called “Very perfect” fei chang wang mei (非常完美). It’s not a drama, but the fact that I’ve spent so much time obsessing with this show even though I bash it as much as I like it, I felt like I needed to blog about it. In short, what the dating show is about, 15 fixed bachelors appears on the show every week, female guest appears, and gets 30 minutes respectively where guys learn about her through her video introduction and 4 “facts” about her (personality, previous love stories, family etc,), they also have time for questions to interact with the female guest. Most of the girls appear on the show with one guy in mind already (not all of them, but 99% already have an interest on one specific guy). She will pick the guy she liked the best and the guy she liked the least on an Ipad. Since 2013, there is a few guys sitting on the “bench” in the audience, that can be switch with the 15 guys that currently have the chance to interact with the female guest. So she choose one guy from the bench to switch with the guy she has the least interest in out of the 15 active bachelors.

The seats are the seats for the 15 bachelors, on the side we have two relationship counselor and the round stage in the middle is where the MC and the female guest stands.
Relationship counselor

I am not sure if you get the idea, but yeah.

So there have been a lot debates how real these dating shows are, and i think especially this one has been under the spotlight of being rather fake. There is a lot of tears and and cheesiness going on, on this show. Sometimes it’s quite disgusting if you ask me :P haha but yet, the funny parts are still funny to watch. Though I like to mention that I am watching this show with my tiny mandarin skills, which makes some part incomprehensible for me.

I was first introduced to this show by a friend, who said that one of the girls she knows was on the show, so I watched the 30 minutes she was on the show, but never fell for it. Because my friends knows her, she told me about a lot of things that was not true, like her occupation and other small details. They wanted to create a character they wanted her to be. Though the fact that she indeed did liked one of the bachelor was true and the fact that she was rejected (in the beginning) was indeed true, was a bit sad. I was all fine, and still couldn’t understand why people is in love with these kind of shows. I also realized that the girls I went to London with in January was immensely talking about the very same show, and bombed the group chat we had on WhatsApp, i was rather annoyed, couldn’t understand A word they were saying. But after myself being obsessed with it, I totally understand their feelings now.

This is the start of why I stamped this show as fake from the very beginning, and also I can see that some tears are fake, some guys confess to way too many girls, and say that they like them, but just in the prior episode he confessed to another girl and said the same thing. They try to squeeze the little eye fluid they have, but in the end, nothing comes out (fail), others are rather good with their tears, but real or not, only they can tell.

Real or Fake tears?!

Girls come to the show and confess to their bachelor, and say they love them, erm LOVE? isn’t it a little too strong, their “love” is based on what’ve they have seen on TV and their Weibo. They learn how the bachelor are only based on Weibo and the things they see on the show. oh Common, in Media, how do we portray ourselves? of course only the best of the best side of you. It’s like confessing your love to a celebrity. I get it, for some it can be love at the first sight, but how many “love at the first sight” can one experience?

After getting to know the female guest, the 15 bachelors can decided if they like to confess to her or not. If yes, then they will walk up to the stage and express their interest and she can accept or decline. Usually if the guy who shows interest to her is not the guy she choosed as her “love interest” in the beginning, she declines and ask the guy she liked the best to come up on stage and she will confess to him.

Okay, enough about the the bashing of the fakeness of the show. The reason why I wanted to talk about this show is because of the FOB fashion the MC lady has. I mean, SERIOUSLY, who da hell is her stylist?!

I just looked up a few, I will certainly continue to talk about her fashion on the show.

Her top is a No-No for me, it looks rather old, and is that leather flaps?!
OMG! this dress is hideous! what da hell is that over her shoulder. It’s truly unflattering, and this is true FOB style
Someone save her from this fashion disaster! what is this disgusting color on her leather-ish preplum top?! and matched with a neon pink skirt? puke-warning.



Skärmavbild 2013-05-11 kl. 18.35.51

Please guys, you need to agree with me that this dress……takes the price as the most ugly dress she’ve worn so far! Why do they put a dress on her where the shoulder part seems to live its own life. Oh the mystery continues.

Skärmavbild 2013-05-11 kl. 18.35.22

I certainly do not hope that this is her own wardrobe lol

Female guest and female relationship counselor outfits:

Usually the female guest have really nice outfits, more on the cute side. Most of them pass the fashion test. But here is a few No-No’s

Please someone explain me her top? FOB!
You understand her long multi-colored cardigan? me no understand. I think she would’ve looked really sexy without the cardigan, her Yellow tight dress looks cute. Her hair and style reminds me of the Swedish singer Loreen. Haha
Urh, the arm is just a No for me, it’s like trying to combine trashy and cute. Lol looks FOB-ish.

This is what’ve I’ve been watching when I don’t watch drama, and since there is lack of interesting dramas lately, i have been watching this show, and the fact that it is very conveniently to watch through PPS on the iphone does not make it any better :P



9 comments on “非常完美 – Fei Chan Wan Mei – Chinese dating show

  1. Novi
    July 20, 2013

    This show is very romantic, I Like It

  2. Novi Chen
    July 20, 2013

    This show is very good, I love it..

  3. Nicole
    September 18, 2013

    Could you tell me where i can stream this

    • Sally.P
      September 20, 2013

      You can try youku, or download the app pps :)

  4. Wish
    October 13, 2013

    I know it’s on youku, but is there an English sub? I really like watching it with my mother, but my understanding is a bit limited without her help…

    • Sally.P
      October 13, 2013

      i haven’t found it with eng sub either….

  5. Charmaine
    October 14, 2013

    I think they should do background check on both the bachelors and ladies who come out.

  6. Giselle
    December 26, 2014

    Oh my GOSH! Watched a few episodes of this tv shows and i totally agree with you. This show is kinda fake and the chances that dating a girl you just met would end up like the fairy tales are near impossible. And some girls claimed that they LOVE this or that bachelor based on the images of them being portrayed by the show or how they present themselves on weibo. Hmm hello… be a lil more realistic pls. also, i think its freaky to talk about marriage when you just met somebody. Are you really that despo? I personally quite like the MC lady coz she looks pretty elegant. But some of her outfits are…*speechless* Nevertheless, this show entertains. the interactions between the bachelors and the girls are hilarious at times. Some of the bachelors are really cute.

  7. Giselle
    December 26, 2014

    *entertains me*

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