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完美邂逅 – Wang Mei Xie Hou

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As Fei Chan Wan Mei watcher already know, there is this other show called 完美邂逅 Wang Mei Xie Hou (Perfect Encounter?)

This was filmed rather a long time ago.  Four regular bachelor guest on Fei Chan Wan Mei participated in this new program, on the side of Fei Chan Wan Mei, plus the ex bachelor guest from Korea also joined this show, as it is filmed in Jeju Island, it must been more convenient from him as I believe he works in Korea.

This show has the exact same format as tvN’s “The Romantic and Idol” with Korean idols such as FT Island Jonghoon, Jewelry Yewon, 2PM Jun.K, Mblaq Mir, G.NA,  Z:EA Kevin Etc. It was also filmed in Jeju Island, but I think the numbers of girls and boys were even in the Korean Version of the show. So four guys and four girls.


While the Chinese version there is four guys and six girls. So Sometimes two girls don’t have a date. The guys and girls goes on romantic dates, during the date there will be some sort of romantic “mission”. They send the idols/participants a video clips of famous drama scenes in which they need to “reenact”. Well not really reenact, but if they show a clip where the main guy do a piggyback for the girl, hold her hand, back hug, they should do it once during the date.


The Four Bachelors

But I feel like the guys got to choose the girl they have interest in more often than the girls, so the focus is more of the guys interest. Especially in the Chinese version, as I guess the bachelors in the Chinese version are already a familiar faces for the Fei Chan Wan Mei audience. So main idea, is that the boys and girls goes on date, sometimes the guys can choose the girl they want to go on date with, sometimes, other way around, sometimes they do a random choosing alternativ. So it happens that one guy goes on date with two girls on the same date.

So Just random picture taken from their weibo.


End of the day they do this one-to-one talking with whoever they want.




Of course, there is always tears involved.

images (4) images (1)

The most interesting couple/pair I would say is this one:



They had their first date together, and this girl really seemed to like this guy, and the other way around (but looking more closely he is the with all the girl contestant, playaaa). But this girl can’t seem to forget this first guy she went on date with, and keeps shedding tears because of him. He seems to be that kind of bad boy that attracts girls, but at times his attitude seems very crappy. And I really don’t understand this guy’s fashion.

Another player is this korean guy, poor girl.


These two went on the first date together, on the second date the girl got to choose who they wanted to go on date with, and she choosed to go on date with the same guy again. And he was SOOO SOOO disappointed and said in the interview whyyyy did she has to choose him AGAIN. And he clearly didn’t hide his disappointment and very much voiced it as well. What a jerk. And afterwards this girl got dissed a few times more by other guys. Such a cruel show. Remind of G.NA’s situation in the Korean version.’s situation was a mixed of this girl and the girl above.

I wonder if they do it like the Korean version, I think they had 2 seasons. Changing the cast. So I wonder if they will change the cast later. I would love to see like Wesley, Simon and David from Fei Chang Wan Mei.

This cute Korean girl is my favorite out of the 6 girls.



The show is interesting enough to keep me watching. Even more interesting than Fei Chan Wan Mei to be honest. And speaking of Fei Chan Wan Mei, did they change the MC’s stylist, she is dressed so much better as of late.







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