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Chinese Paladin 3


I am not the most updated person when I decided to write a little bit about Chinese Paladin 3. Since this drama came out 2009. But I have come to found my love for ancient fairytale stories once again. Too many dramas is about money, power struggling, identity and family problems, annoying exes and desperate people these days. So Chinese Paladin 3 was like an easy melted candy, the story was moving forward without too much emotional roller coaster rides. Despite the fake computer Graphics (CG) in the drama portraying their magical power, weapon flying etc., I found myself liking the story of Chinese Paladin 3.

Chinese Paladin 3 is based on a Taiwanese game, and game stories can be pretty interesting. Other hit is Final Fantasy, but they made a computer graphic movie out of it, which looks awesome. It’s weird that you find computer graphic guys handsome. I have yet to watch it.

Chinese Paladin 3 is the second season, after Chinese Paladin. It is based on the third game, therefore the name. The second game was never made into a drama, because the found the storyline of the second game lacking. The second Season (Chinese Paladin 3) takes place 50 years prior to the story of Chinese Paladin 1. I am not sure why I started to watch the second season before watching the first season. But as it take place 50 years prior the first season anyway, and these two stories can be watch individually. Don’t tell me though that season 1’s main hero (also played by Hu Ge) is a reincarnation of Jing Tian…

The second season main hero is Jing Tian, and is a loud character, mischievous and loves money.


He met our Heroine XueJian (Yang Mi) because of the Magical Jade they both had, who was a pair originally. Our Heroine, just like our Hero is loud as hell.


The adventure they experience are accompanied by Xu Chang Qing (Wallace Huo), who is a senior disciple of the MT. Shu Sect. A priest. A handsome fellow.  Aka White Tofu



We also have Long Kui (Cecilia Liu) playing Jing Tian’s younger sister…from his past life…


Who by the way turn out like this sometimes


Jing Tian’s adoptive brother MaoMao


Together they carry out their mission.


I guess this character is worth a mention Zi Xuan, a Nuwa descendent, White Tofu’s lover, 3 lifetime lover.


Our main couple


Great OST


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