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Emergency Couple – First Impression


Just in short what this is all about. Jin-Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and Changmin (Choi Jin Hyuk) decided to get married despite Changmin’s family’s opposition. Changmin gave up his medical Internship due to the marriage, and started to work as a pharmaceutical salesman. After a year of unhappy marriage they divorced. They meet again 6 years later on wedding, where the bride invited Jin Hee as a pianist while the groom invited Changmin to sing. This was just an appetizer for what was coming, fate is clearly playing with them. Changmin who started to pick up his medical studies again, have now finally graduated from medical school and is about to start his internship at a hospital, and surprise surprise, his dear ex-wife JinHee is also an intern, and they even ended up in the same group.

They really look cute as a couple, I have realized that TvN dramas all look like it’s a commercial, if you know what I mean, it’s hard to explain, but I like this kind of quality. I found myself watching all the teasers of this drama, I checked in mainly because of Song Ju Hyo, but also because of the overall feel of the drama. It is lighthearted, quirky, adorable and funny. Just what I need to pass my winter time indoors (Though I recently watched the whole season 1 of Special Affair TEN and almost finished season 2, so dark). I planned to wait till the whole drama is out, or just about to finish, so I can marathon it. But in the end, I thought what da hell, I might get disappointed like i did with “Heirs” (still stuck on ep 13), so I marathon the 4 epi that was out. Even though the start is quite weak, I enjoyed the drama so far and am looking forward to see how their relationshop develops and watch as they find their way back into love.

Who would’ve thought this was a medical drama, even though I am not quite sure if we could put it under the medical category, even though most of the scenes take place at a hospital with patients and doctors left and right. As a watcher I think you are more focused on the relationship between Jinhee and Changmin, you want to see how they interact and react to each other. Of course it won’t be easy for the couple to realized nor admit each others feeling for one another, and the third/fourth wheel will soon take action. I just hope the development is not too much back and forth, so much it will eventually get tiring to watch. And I can’t wait till we see Gary’s cameo! Monday Couple <3



Chanming’s mother, aka evil (ex)mother-in-law. Seriously, I can’t not forget her! I despise almost all the roles I have seen her act, because this tiny lady always plays the rich and childish mother(-in-law). Secret garden…how she was annoying! she couldn’t accept her daughter in law till the END. I was annoyed as hell. and doesn’t it seems like she always tries to be younger than her age, style wise, from hair, to make up to cloths. I hope she will play the cute mother in law sometime in the near future.


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