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After Fei Chang Wang Mei (非常完美) – Yao Wei Tao & Simon Twu

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If you are a Fei Chan Wan Mei follower and watcher, you will remember the most popular guys and the guys that’ve stayed on the show for awhile.

Either way, this guy, Yao Wei Tao (?), from Shanghai, former chief left the show without finding a girl on the show, but rather found it off cam joined Cpop star survival (Chinese equivalent to Kpop star survival) and was one of the top 10 contestants, and guess if I was shocked when i saw him on Kpop star Survival as a contestant! I am following him on weibo, so I saw some pics, but I just thought he was in Korea and checking out kpop star. As I cannot read Chinese, i didn’t know he was a contestant.  Either way, he was in Korea competing to be the next Kpop star! Guess how shocked I was when I saw him haha Not sure why he decided to be a pop star in Korea. Since he was a top 10 in China, I am sure he can find a company that will sign him.

So this was the nosebleed guy from Fei Chang Wan Mei a year ago (or was it two years ago)?! But why would he want to participate in the Kpop Star in Korea where he has no Korean knowledge, knows no one and I think a little to old to learn a whole new language… but on the other hand, I guess big companies are on the roll with promoting a lot in China, such as SM entertainment investment in sub-groups just for the Chinese Audience. So he never reached top ten in the Korean version, but he came pretty far, I think he was just eliminated just before top 10 was decided. And he received a lot of praise and tips from mister JYP himself.

Here is some pic:


ytph_1 2_6

Another Surprise, was when I was checking a trailer for a new Taiwanese drama, and I recognize one guy in the back, but couldn’t remember from where. You know the feeling when you recognize something/someone, but you JUST CAN’T remember from where! it drives you nuts! After a while, after repeating the video I finally realized that it looked like this American guy in Fei Chang Wang Mei, but he truly had minimal time on the trailer, it was hard to catch him and have a good look. So in the end I had to google the drama up and check some pictures. And indeed, it was him, the American Guy called Simon. I had no idea he was an actor lol. 


So he acts along Chris Wu! OhEmGee, I loved Chris in Substitute Princess! the whole world must’ve been rooting for him and Da Hua, or else they would have thrown eggs at the tv station if they didn’t end up together haha (and I would have cyper thrown eggs and rotten salad at them).


Can you find him in the drama poster xD



or in the video? I like this song from MayDay too.




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