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Cheese in a Trap – First impression (and Webtoon version)


Today the first episode of Cheese in a Trap came out with English subtitle. I watched a few promotion and preview videos. More than I usually do, I must say. Since I hate watching previews and teasers, and then you have to wait forever before it actually airs. But once in a while, I get interested just solely based on pictures (and of course cast) and just can’t just let all these teasers pass.

After I saw their 5 minute preview, it got me really curious. It didn’t really seem like anything special. But TvNs drama always has something that keeps me interested.

So after watching all these previews, It actually said it is based on a webtoon, and dramas based on webtoons and Manhwas are usually good, let’s be honest. They take a already good story and just makes it live action. Even though I didn’t feel like the drama trailer was anything out of the ordinary, I decided to check out the webtoon and see if the story was interesting. And it was. why? it’s not your everyday rich man prince for a main we are dealing with. His character is kind of dark, mysterious and a little bit Psycho (cause we just don’t know what the hell he is thinking). Like mysterious with vibes of a psycho (it might also be that I am still associating the actor with his character in Bad Guys – if you are into that kind of dramas, truly enjoyed Bad Guys and recommend it).

So after watching the first episode and also read the webtoon how do I feel about it, in terms of how well it follows the webtoon. It definitley does not follow the webtoon religiously, but all the characters portrays very true to the characters in the webtoon. I’ve read maybe 80 chapters of the webtoon (all chapters that are available with english translation LINE’s webtoon app), and it’s not even close to reveal the story of our main hero (might be more chapters in Korean, but that I don’t know). The mysterious and untold story of our hero keeps me going and craving for more. What is it that he is hiding, what is his real personality, and all that stuff. The story is told from our Heroines point of view. She is a lovable character, your normal-everyday -clumsy-but-still-makes-two-hot-guys-fall-for-you, kind of character. (never gets tired of it right keke.)

Overall, I liked the first episode, and I also like that it does not follow the webtoon entirely, so you don’t really know 100% whats gonna happen even though you’ve read the webtoon. Really curious as in how they will wrap the story up, since the webtoon has not finished yet.

Have you guys watched it yet? what do you think, did you also read the webtoon?

Cheese in the Trap airs every Monday and Tuesday at 23:00! (so subs every Tuesday and Wednesday)

[Character Chart]

Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung
Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol
Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho
Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ah


This is not really relevant info, but this is seriously the first time I’ve watched a drama where the main lady is a monolid! Shout out to all the monolids out there haha

Another webtoon turned k-drama to recommend is Dr. Frost. Liked the webtoon, also liked the drama. The drama adaption of Dr. Frost does not really follow the webtoon, they merely just “borrowed” the characters from the webtoon (if I remember it correctly). But of you enjoy psychology and curious about the human mind, then this is drama for you!





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